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Torsten Schwab - Germany
621 HP 434 Stroker Package

First of all, WE WANT TO SAY THANK YOU! We fired up this monster of an engine this weekend. I’ve never ever drove such a beast. This Engine is awesome! (You´ve had to see my buddy’s face when he pushed the pedal. ;-)

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Where every single engine is individually Dyno tested with Full Video Documentation of the Dyno.

All URE Engines are 100% Made in America with 100% American Made components such as AFR (Air Flow Research), Dart, GM, Edelbrock, Holley, Moroso, Arias, KB, JE, Comp Cams, Fel-Pro, Quick Fuel, K&N, March Serpentine, Hughes Transmissions, MSD and other 100% American Companies. ABSOLUTELY NO FOREIGN MADE PARTS ARE USED in any URE Engine WHATSOEVER. “If it bears the URE logo, it is a top quality racing machine.”*

URE Dyno Tests each and every engine produced by URE and provides each customer with a custom Video DVD package with the Video Recording of the dyno and the performance in Horse Power & Torque at each RPM level on each customer’s exact engine.

Every Engine Dyno Tested: At United Racing Engines quality is not just a statement, it is a way of life. During the Quality Control Testing Phase each and every engine is fully Dyno Tested before it is allowed to receive the Laser Engraving of the URE Logo. Each URE customer receives a DVD Video of the Dyno test with the full breakdown of Dyno results on their exact engine. United Racing Engines guarantees in writing the Horse Power on each engine package will Meet or Exceed the guaranteed HP & Torque numbers for each package during the Quality Control phase. No engine will be allowed to pass Quality Control and receive the URE laser engraved emblem until it has met or exceeded the guaranteed HP of that package. This is the United Racing Engines' promise to each and every URE customer.*

United Racing Engines believes in "overbuilding" each engine package produced due to the 3 Year 100,000 mile warranty which covers most URE engine packages.*

Only AFR Heads (Air Flow Research) are used by URE on all URE engine packages, All Engines are 100% Brand New Racing Grade Fully Forged from Top to Bottom. Each and every engine URE produces is built with a brand new 4 bolt main block. URE uses no reconditioned blocks whatsoever. All parts in every URE engine are 100% brand new with no exceptions to ensure that every engine bearing the URE logo is an overbuilt, durable, racing machine. It may seem like overkill, but it is URE’s philosophy to “Overbuild” each engine package due to the 3 Year 100,000 Mile Warranty which covers most URE engine packages.*

URE Guarantees in writing that each engine package will meet or exceed the guaranteed HP and Torque and URE will not allow an engine to receive the URE Laser Engraved Logo until the engine has passed quality control in the dyno department and met or exceeded its guaranteed HP rating. In addition to being 100% Complete, every URE package is fully assembled, Dyno tested, Timed, Tuned and Fully Broken-In to make certain it is performing flawlessly prior to leaving the URE facility, with every URE engine package arriving to the customer ready to drop right in and rock-n-roll.*

“If it bears the URE logo, it is a top quality racing machine.*”


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URE has Distributors and customers in 23 countries around the world. Click on the map to learn more.

Important Note about Crate Engines: Most other companies that sell crate engines do NOT dyno test their engines. In fact the term "crate engine" in and of itself officially means that the engine is just off the shelf and has never been dyno tested. Whether they are a Chevy Crate Engine, Ford Crate Engine, Dodge or Mopar Crate Engine, Crate engines in general have a bad reputation and for a good reason - usually crate engines do not end up living up to the estimated HP or the quality that the customer thought they were purchasing. And usually crate engines are not individually Dyno Tested. Because most crate engines are not dyno tested, most crate engines usually have an estimated HP NOT a Guaranteed HP. That is why United Racing Engines prefers to refer to URE engines as "Custom Built and Dyno Tested Engines" instead of generic off the shelf crate engines. URE custom builds every engine to be BULLET PROOF, 100% fully forged, with Brand New 4 Bolt Main Blocks, Fully Dyno Tested, Fully Broken-In, Fully Timed and Tuned on the Dyno during dyno testing and Backed by a 3 Year 100,000 Mile Available Warranty.*

* Please call United Racing Engines Customer Service at 1-888-400-4873 (1-888-400-4URE) for information on any URE package and how it will perform with your specific vehicle and driving needs. United Racing Engines Dyno Tests each and every engine individually on the dynamometer. United Racing Engines guarantees in writing that each engine produced by URE will meet or exceed the noted HP & Torque level and guarantees the HP & Torque each engine makes on the dyno on any engine dyno (not an in car chassis dyno), within the industry standard 5% variation from dyno to dyno. Every engine is fully assembled, dyno tested, broken in, tuned, timed, ready to drop in and guaranteed in writing to perform at the HP & Torque levels indicated. Most engines built by United Racing Engines are covered by a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty. Click on the actual engine to see if the package is covered by the 3 Year 100,000 Mile Warranty and other items noted on this page. A copy of the warranty is available upon request. All engines purchased from URE are subject to United Racing Engines’ Terms and Conditions. A copy of the Terms and Conditions is available upon request. United Racing Engines specializes in producing high performance street and race engines ranging from 400 to 5000 HP for pump gas, nitro methane and alcohol.

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